Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I am the first one to admit that I am mean.

I have tried to scale back and not do things on purpose. But sometimes I just can't help myself.

Take my sister for example.
She is extremely religious. I used to be religious too. But now I am, not so much. (That is another story for another day). And sometimes (ok most of the time), I cannot help myself from stepping on her holy dreams.

This is what happened the other day:

#2: "We are going to see the jail cell where Joseph Smith was murdered" (restorer of the LDS religion)

KB: "Wow, that should be cool"
(KB internal thoughts: But seriously, how many years ago was that? And if they were "run out of town" then who kept that place in tact? And who even knows if that was the exact place? Even if it was kept in tact by their "enemies" then what if it was the cell across the hall? The whole thing seems a little shady. Can you imagine. Everyone all reverant and crying at the wrong place?!)

At this, I cannot contain myself.

KB: "But how do they even know that is the place? Who took care of it after they were run out of town? How do they know it is that cell?" (The grabbing begins. Or rather, digging. I'm trying to simultaneously dig out of this hole I am digging myself into. I am not sure which way to dig)

KB: "You know, b and I went to Israel on vacation and when we looked at all of the religious sites and you have to wonder - since the bible was written almost 200 years after everything happened. Who would remember where Mary was born? She wasn't holy news when she was born." (head in hands. KB internal thoughts: Seriously, can you not just let her be? Is there really any harm in her being in humble and reverant awe at the wrong location?)

Insult to injury: This was the first time I had "met" her new boyfriend over skype. Nice to meet you, I'm evil #4

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