Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jesus plays chess too

This was a chess board in a café.

Jesus is funny for 2 reasons.  (Did you know Jesus is funny?  It's true.) 
Jesus is funny because he is playing chess 
because where does someone get a mini porcelain Jesus to play in their game of chess?  Well, I can tell you -

This tiny figurine was in a tarte. This tarte is eaten at the beginning of January in celebration (but really in more of a bakery tradition) of the 3 kings.  The youngest person in the room decides who gets each piece of tarte and whoever loses their tooth because they bit into a solid porcelain Jesus gets to be the king for the day -crown included!
I have been the king 4 times.
I am not only smart, but lucky too. 

But I have never gotten a Jesus.
If this was my house, we would be playing chess with a solid porcelain briefcase.
or a star
or a mini dog
mini Jesus eludes me.   

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