Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Salad

Spring is the best time to come here.  Consistently for the last 4 years, Yes I have now been living here for 4 YEARS!! And oddly, the people just seem less cranky - and don't we just know what that means.  Assimilation. 

That or the spring weather is making everyone happy. 

So perfect weather in April/May September/October.  Gray miserableness in November-mid March.  June-August - roulette.  Yes really - you could have miserable gray cloud cover or perfect blue skies.  But spring...

Tulips - if I leave them alone they last 2 weeks
Warm spring sun
Lila (leee-lah) Lilac.  The lone survivor.



Plants don't survive - but people do.  

First lunch on the balcony
Mixed greens/Spinach, shrimp cooked in garlic/olive oil butter, onions and paprika.
grapefruit, carrots, tomatoes
lime vinagrette. good
 (+ cheaper airfares! totally a win-win) 

Plan your Parisian vacations accordingly

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