Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pinch Hitter

You remember we went to a wedding up in Oslo, Norway? 

Where I got this little pearl
(bacon in a tube!)  

You can imagine the other treasures I found in Oslo.

Well I have been to my fair share of weddings.  Crazy last minute necessities, missing hair pins, unruly family. So I offered my helping hand  to the bride.  I told her I was a pinch hitter and just to let me know.  She thanked me and said she'd keep it in mind. 

The bride (Norwegian) having spent more than half of her life in foreign countries, including 1 year in the U.S.,  had clearly not come across this saying - she was recently talking to b on skype and I overheard the following

b: Dinner was great, but that part of Paris is not nice at night.

Norwegian:  but you had KB with you.  She told me she is a pinch hitter. 



She thought I offering to take down her weird uncle instead of distract him with conversation and booze. 


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