Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Date à l'amèricaine

It was impromptu date night last night.  So we went to see this guy

Pita's are in the range of fast food/street food.  They are what I used to eat in the wee hours of the morning after dancing for hours. So I have good memories of pita's.

There is lettuce, tomato and onion underneath that pile of meat.  And Samourai sauce - it is like spicy fry sauce. (Shout out to my Utah homies)
In Belgium the pitas are served in a tortilla and the fries are inside.  It is GOOD.  Go big or go home, I say.  If you are going to give yourself clogged arteries and a heart attack, you should have a great big one.

And my 2nd favorite part

I love nickel machines, quarter machines, penny machines.  I think it is my inner gambler. 
But gambling is just silly.  Why would you even play a game that you could lose? So maybe it is more my inner need for instant gratification.

And then date night finished with this
I was craving a little James Bond after discussing the series ad nauseum the weekend before.  I was looking for Casino Royale and assumed it would be in the suggestions section of Skyfall.  But no, by French logic (I'd love to see the algorithm for that) RAMBO is the closest thing to Daniel Craig in a tuxedo. 

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