Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring by chocolate & flowers

Guess who showed up today for the 2nd time?
Bless you for coming, bless you.

I have been courting Spring for weeks now.  One nice day here - washing down of our entire balcony and windows.  One nice Spring day there - leaving the house in just a fleece and scarf instead of the full on quilted doudoune (down coat).
And now, after 4 weeks, these guys came out

2 wks ago in permagray soup.
This morning.
I may be a serial plant killer but other people are not and they give me gifts when they come for dinner.  Economies of scale, see?  You - plant growers, me - food maker.  It works.

This weekend I bought a 25euro food utensil at a professional kitchen store.  And a 36euro cake for 4 people.  Magical Frantasyland.
I am easily seduced by the old school design, white marble counter tops and pale blue walls.  Elegant black script and 36euro price tags.
items may have shifted to the right during transit
Easter must be the most serious holiday for bakers/chocolatiers

Here is my cut of cake + a magazine article of some of the eggs from this year put out by the big houses.  Personally, I love the Maman Poule and 3 little chicks.

And just in case you thought they were all class and skateboarding bunnies, here is the chocolate Angry Bird version I saw towering over 2 French Roosters.

Happy Spring!

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