Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Le sigh

The French might be the kings of exagerrated non-verbal signs.  They don't like giving praise - it should be understood that if no C'est de la merde was uttered, that what you have done is good. Or if things go the other direction, they just might force out Le sigh.

You should hear this rush of air being forced out of almost-pouted lips, saturated with eye-rolling disgust. It is impressive how they are able to fit so much irritation into one exhale.

But adding irritation to already irritating situations had to stop.  Must get Frog to poop outside of the pond.
I had heard it a hundred times, didn't quite remember to catch it in the act. 
So this is the first time I could consciously point it out.  We were at an airport, our flights had been canceled, thus causing a serious problem for us to catch our connecting flight, to get to our hotel that was already paid for, and pick up our rental car to drive across Costa Rica to pick up my dear old dad and stepmom, with whom we were sharing a car to get to my sister's wedding.
But this was not why Le Sigh came out. No.  I hear the wind in my ear, only to turn in the direction of my Cheri to see him looking across airport check-in hall  at a woman with a small dog... in a wheel chair.  It looked something like this

This was the scene that was so irritating that he forced Le Sigh out. 
Yes, what could possibly be more irritating than being late for my sister's wedding, leaving my dad waiting for us for 4 hours at the airport only to take a Costa Rican bus across the mountains, and us losing money vacation time.  Apparently a dog in a wheelchair.

On a more awesome note, I realized I have begun doing Le Sigh. 
I suppose it shouldn't be much of a surprise, when I first got here and we had arguments, I spoke in French.  It may have been the awkward Belgian French that the French French deem as coming out of the mouth of a Spanish Cow, but still, I could be clearly understood. So it shouldn't really be surprising that I would take a step forward towards Frenchness in order to be understood. 
Yes, now everyone will completely understand me when I am so disdainfully full of disgust at a situation that  I must lazily roll my eyes and force all the air out of my half-puckered lips. 

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