Saturday, April 6, 2013

my Gardienne

A green envelope and a postcard slipped under my door?  This is a good mail day.  

We have a Gardien.
A gardien lives in one of the apartments in your building (usually by the entry) and they take care of the building and the inhabitants.  They make sure the hallways and entry are clean, they take care of your plants while you are on your 4 week holiday (if you ask nicely), and they receive and deliver the mail throughout the building. Which is good because deliveries sometimes happen between "9h and 13h", AND the package must be "opened and checked" for damage in front of the delivery guy and then signed for. 
Because no one actually works right?  And if they do, I am sure it is entirely acceptable to stay home every couple of months because you have to "receive" a package being delivered, right?

But if your building has a Gardien, they might be able stick around and "receive" your package.

Or give you the good gossip and goings-on, because they know everyone's business.
Or maybe tell you the secrets to getting things done in the building. 

OR you might just like having a gardien because without saying one nasty word, she helped you clean up after the incontinent 17-year-old dog you were dog-sitting unceremoniously lost control of his bladder on the carpet in front of the LAST door to the street on the first day you met.

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