Thursday, December 12, 2013

drinking & blogging


I should maybe not get too drunk at book club.

I want to move in to the ridiculously nice club called the Little Red Door.  They make cocktails like me: short, strong and straight to the point.

Another thing to add to the "reasons it is good to be short" list:

Happy Meals

I was so sad to be separating from my book club friends: 2 girls going for mexican food and 2 girls who read and discussed the book (because those are the important details).  And since last time I went to the Little Red Door and had 2 cocktails, I learned my lesson (they are very strong) and decided to go to McDonald's and have a 23h.  Doesn't that just sound sad.  It did to me.  Almost all the way on my metro home.
But then I got out of the metro 1 stop early and saw some bitchy 18 year old french girl and was SO glad I wasn't her in her little french bitchy box, in her little outfit and glasses and long hair and hat, and her aire of bored irritation.
And I went to McDonald's and ordered a happy meal (because I am short and it's all I need!  Plus TOYs and yogurt!).  And instead of it being super sad and gray, by myself, with a dead phone (so I couldn't even pretend to have friends), I ordered my food at the little computer screen and it told me there was table service.  I sat myself down and some nice girl came over and gave me my happy meal.  And she even SMILED at me.  It was like a commercial.
And I had a really nice 15 minutes, all by myself. 

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