Thursday, December 5, 2013


Guess who took a French teacher?  No, it wasn't you.
I did!
He is very nice and very proper.  He comes to my house and, in a very organized format, corrects my French.  I will say that I think he takes a certain delight in it.  They all do, (the French).  They all take delight in correcting you.
It has been beaten into them so hard that they can't help themselves from doing the same.
I almost have sympathy for them
...until they interrupt me,
to explain how I have made a grammar mistake.

And then I want to swear at them in French. Which I don't do. 
It takes a lot for me to swear in French.  I'll swear in my own language, but it takes a special kind of asshole to elicit French swearing. 

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