Thursday, September 16, 2010

Marsannay la Côte to Allex

Allex at the red flag, Geneva Switzerland on the lake on the right.

Allex is a mini village (and yes, the term "village" is commonly used, and no it does not mean the inhabitants are living in huts). But it isn't even on our France map.

We start out in the early afternoon taking the autoroute (translation big, fluid-traffic road with tollways). I am living my american dream in our Ford mini car, driving on the freeway listening to the Foo Fighters. Stopping for sugary gummy things and coke (because really, what are road trips for, if not to allow yourself and all access pass to Candyland).
We arrive at our "chambres d'hôtes" in Allex in the early evening. It has a pool, and it is warm, lots of garden and plants - lavender, of course- and NOW I feel like we are on vacation.

The term Chambres d'Hôtes is translated as Bed and Breakfast. So it is basically people taking you in to a room or rooms in their home. By the French Government's tourism statistics for 2009 there are 35 times more Chambres d'Hôtes than there are Hotels in France. If the option of a chambres d'hôtes is available we undoubtedly take it. We have had really good experiences in all the chambres d'hôtes we have stayed in. They are generally owned by people who have traveled and who want to provide a good traveling experience for you.

One of the best parts of staying at these places is that you can get the low down on the area. The one we stayed at in Allex was called Chambres d'hôtes les Gaillards. The owners were avid hikers so they gave us maps and reccomendations on hikes and local fresh markets.
(Yes, for all my family members pick yourselves up off the floor, I actually asked for someone's advice.)

No, I do not carry scars from my childhood of having 3 older siblings who couldn't keep their mouths shut. I have no problem taking people's advice. I just only want it when there are words coming out of my mouth that resemble "Can you give me some advice?"

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