Friday, January 14, 2011


So boyfriend has underwear that costs so much it must be categorized as lingerie.

This is an up and coming sector - men and beauty products. It goes along with cologne, hair gel, and luxury goods. It could be the gays, the metrosexuals, or just the fact that women are not the only ones prancing around and having to preen their feathers to find a mate (peacock?).

"45Euro!!" I said

"Yes" boyfriend said "But you can pick them out"

oooh! I thought. I get to pick out my boyfriend's Mangerie (Man lingerie). And he did say ANYTHING. Should I get the flames with the red devil? Or the gay 1970's multicolored disco party pants?
But no, I am boring and would feel bad every time I saw multi colored disco party underwear that cost 45 euro.
Kind of like spending 30euro on one box of chocolates (oh wait, I did that.)
Classy black with multicolored pinstripes it is.

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