Monday, January 17, 2011

Smoked tea chicken

I was “offered” a cooking class (franglais translation: given as a gift). So I can be even more of a genius in the kitchen. My class with the “girlfriends” (the girlfriends/wives of boyfriends’ friends- repeat 10 times fast) was Cooking with Tea.

So, I was looking for the recipe and I fell on this little treat. Very clearly a translation.

Check out “Practice 1”

Oolong tea smoked chicken


1 chicken, a little salt, brown sugar bowl, tea bowl.


1. Chicken Rinse the chicken with salt all over the body and abdominal wipe, marinate for 1 hour.

2. To pot 40 minutes, and then stew for 15 minutes. Drain the juice out steam.

3. Pot dry, laying into the aluminum foil, place brown sugar, tea, and then into the grill.

4. Chicken on the grill, lid tightly closed, first open the fire, so that the pot is full of smoke, and then smoked over low heat about 10 minutes, turning it over and then smoked 7 minutes, until golden brown chicken body into flame.

Anyone want to chicken rinse me with an abdominal wipe?
btw my smoked tea chicken was awesome

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