Sunday, January 2, 2011

The subjunctive

So boyfriend's dad corrects my french mistakes. And yes it is good for me to be corrected. No one else does anymore (I am apparently snappy when I get corrected).
But he literally cannot stop himself from correcting, and explaining to me what the subjunctive is and that it is a verb from the "3rd group".
It happens at least once every time we see each other. Which is about every 6 weeks.

Note to French people: We do not teach our language with verbs in groups.

I think this is conditioning. Something that has been repeated and drummed in so long that they cannot help themselves, no matter how many times you tell them you don't care about the subjunctive.

I suppose we all have something, right?

"Hate" would be a nice word for how I feel about people talking with their mouths open. (Thanks dad!)

I eat regularly with people who talk with food in their mouth.
Not in-the-side-of-their-mouth-talking, but sounds-almost-resembling-words-coming-out-of-teeth-mashing-meat sort of talking, threatening at any moment to launch spittle and half-chewed meat onto my face.
Yes, really.  Gross. 

So yes, French people, let's make a trade.  I'll start practicing my "3rd group" verbs and if you stop forcing me to wear a rain poncho and face mask every time we eat together. 

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