Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mini cancer?

So it is really popular to smoke here. Still.
I thought it would have died down with the negative ad campaigns and the statistics on lung cancer. But it really hasn't.

While I worked 6 months at a private high school I was shocked at the amount of kids smoking. They are not allowed to smoke on the property of the school so they all stand just outside the gate. My adorable kids from the 15 year old class, sitting around trying to look cool. Because, of course, "all the cool kids do it". But really, it's more like "all the adults do it".

Even 3 of my 5 closest girlfriend's have picked up smoking.
My one girlfriend, C, from my old office smokes this skinny Marylin Monroe sort of cigarette. And I want to say "So, do you get an adorably skinny cancer instead of a regular sized cancer with those?"

Yup. me - big balls. Though I have yet to say it out loud. Somehow I don't think she thinks about that like I do.

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