Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chocolate hangover

Did anyone ever leave you free to consume something you LOVE as much as you want?  Like maybe your parents didn't know where you kept an entire bag of candy? Like you might have hidden yourself in a closet or in the basement to eat as much as you wanted?

B's Mom:  Do you want to go to the Salon du Chocolat?  (Chocolate expo?)

KB: What time do I need to be ready?!

6 hours later and 3000 people later

KB:  Let's not do this again.

So there is this Chocolate expo. Complete with 300 exhibitors.  300 chocolate exhibitors.
And b's mom wanted to do each aisle twice.  In order to hit both sides and spend the appropriate amount of time at each stand.
b's mom is slim.  And clearly lives on coffee, coffee and chocolate.  She and her friend did not eat anything but chocolate based items and coffee for 6 hours.  I, at 32, in near sugar shock, broke down and stopped for a sandwich.
Weak sauce.   

Other Salon du Chocolat commentary:

There was a big showing of Japanese chocolatiers (Chocolate makers).  Like every delicacy in the world the Japanese will study it, talk to the authorities, take it back to Japan and produce perfection. (check out Tokyo Chocolate or Sadaharo AOKI)

There were 3 chocolate mousse bars, being served like ice cream. In between every 100 samples of chocolate.

Clothes made of chocolate are never anything but ridiculous.

 There were live peace doves in that skirt.

B's mom told me (when I didn't buy these marshmallow bears covered in chocolate. and then she did) that someone had to be thinking of B.  ....Uh, did I just get reprimanded by my boyfriend's mother? 

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