Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting breasts

So, as I said, I've developed a belly.

Did I develop a belly because my posture is crap now?  Or did my stomach, full of 5 courses of French food, require more space and pull my shoulders down to expand forward.  (I know I have great theories).

(And just so you know, eating 5 courses makes you feel tired.  Feeling tired because you ate 5 courses of food has no honor. Have honor because you ran a marathon.  Not because you didn't want to offend your mother-in-law by refusing another serving before the next 2 courses of the meal).     

Theory:  fat settles in places on the body where there is little or no movement.

Proof:  uh, good american booty
So if I wanted to smoke and drink 5 coffees a day and smoke like a chimney, I could have that waify with breasts body that French not-so-nice girls have.  Except for the breasts.

So I don't know how the French girls do the busty chesty thing while having no thighs or hips.  But my theory is if I figure out a way to sit on my chest, some fat will start to settle there.  And maybe I could grow out my adolescent-girl A cup.

   And I totally have those pants already!

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