Saturday, October 22, 2011

The swear word edition

 I don’t really swear in French.  Mostly because I can’t make the stupid “r” noise very well. 
And the “u” noise. 
Well I can make the "u" noise. It just sounds ridiculously stupid.  And gay. 

Well, and it’s only in slightly poor taste to throw around swear words when your level of communication is at about pre-adolescent.  
Well on second thought, maybe it is entirely appropriate.  First naughty words.
So the one that does occasionally escape my Parisian mouth is chier


Say it again: SHEEEYAY

As in “ça me fait chier”.  It makes me SO mad.  Sa meuh fay SHEEYAY!

 “It makes me defecate.”
(Do you like how I avoided the swear?) 

Why this is the swear, I really don't know.  

Except it is reflexive. You do it to yourself.  So it literally, means this:

Is that what happens when you get mad? 

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