Monday, October 3, 2011

Wherein I become my grandfather and start writing letters to the editor...

The JDD (Journal de Dimanche - Sunday Newspaper) comes with a ladies magazine.  We get it just about every week.  And since I am all about learning how to be a lady, I always read up.

In this magazine are all the usual suspects: interviews with stars, recipes, practical info and an advice column. 
Advice columns are my favorite.  What is old Crazy up to this week? 

So this week got my underwear in more than a knot.  In fact I'm ready to fire up my typewriter and send off a letter.  This is what it would say:

Dear Editor

Is your advice columnist aware of statutory rape laws?  Please tell her to stop spreading insecurity to women and young girls in the world. 

Sincerely yours,


Here is the short version of the printed letter:

My little sister found explicit messages between my father and one of her friends. It is clear they are having an extramarital affair.  I know it is not our business but should we tell our mother?  I am only 19, what is the right thing to do?  

And the PSYCHOLOGIST'S brilliant answer: 

Your sister's behavior is disrespectful and shows a total lack of discretion. Your parents have a private life and it is no one's business but theirs. Make your sisters aware of what will happen if they tell your mother.  It will cause suffering  for your parents, your family and risks causing an explosion. If they do this, won't they feel guilty? And who wins with this kind of transparence? This infidelity will become a big issue and it is perhaps just a passing phase for your father.  And once again, it is absolutely not the business of you or your sisters.

SCORE in Ethics, Morals and Family Values   France 0  USA 1

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