Wednesday, October 5, 2011

uh, because everyone gets married in a Château

You might think, because people only talk about one château (Versailles) that there is only one château.
But if you get in a car and start driving around France there is one probably every 40 minutes. 
Which is good.  Because if there were not a million châteaux, where would people get married. 
Because, you know, there is a serious lack of churches here. 
So last weekend we went to wedding number 5.  And it was here:

The Baron's wife (no joke) said to me "I'll have the extra towels put in your room.  You are in the Nebel Sister's room with the twin beds?"  
I said "No, we have the large bed"
but no, we had 2 twins

Do you think they knew we were living in sin?

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