Wednesday, October 12, 2011

French Cooking

It would be such a good story if I learned French cooking and fell in love with France and all it's crankiness and divine flavors.  It is true I have had some some sauces and sugary delights that have rendered me speechless (and practically orgasmic).
But this is not me.  If it is not apparent by now, I have my own brand of crankiness and it only meshes well with France on Tuesdays between 10h and 16h. 

Ok so back to cooking and falling desperately in love with France like he is my latin something 

There are a couple of issues with this. One being:

Why would you ever cook French Food for French people?
Like the time I briefly raised my hand in my Beginners Japanese class to correct my Japanese professor's pronounciation of "Feng Shui". ( I have learned my lesson

I will not be cooking French food for French people.

But if you, my dear friends, want to cook French food for French people, or anyone else for that matter, here it is: 

This is the holy bible of recipes.  

And just so I don't leave you hanging, a tool from my own bastard style of cooking: 

It converts any quantity to almost every other measurement and you can even change the "substance", which apparently somehow affects the density.  They tell me butter and water don't measure the same.  Well it's all Feng Shui to me.  

PS translations of any words or phrases or entire recipes can be done with the click of a finger on google.

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