Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Raclette is a dreamy invention by someone who hates cooking and loves melty cheese.
It is a heated pan on top and a grill on the bottom with individual mini pans for everyone. It sits hot (plugged in) in the middle of the dinner table and with the ingredients (meat, potatoes and cheese) waits for each individual to choose their mix. You can also add whatever ingredients you want: bell peppers, carrots, etc.

At the dinners I have been too, people stick the cheese in their mini pan and stick it under the big grill to be melted and then poor it on top of their potato. I put everything together in my little pan. These people like to call my version the "big mac" because I am American and of course Americans only eat Big Macs. Even though I learned how to "raclette" in Belgium.

I really wanted to bring one of these to my dad for Christmast, but apparently the voltage required for this little grill requires a serious converter (not just a mini travel size).
Too bad. My dad will have to stick to chicken and green beans.


The Cheese Goddess said...

They make raclette grills for U.S. voltage, too. Check here - I love your "Big Mac" version!

KB said...

ooooh Thanks!