Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bread tour or Tour de Pain

It is no secret that bread is taken very seriously in France.

In the beginning b tried to eat baguette with my Mexican dinner. It didn't go well.

Within 3 minutes, on foot, of my apartment there are 4 bakeries. If you extend that to 8 minutes you can add 7 more. And we're talking full order bakeries. 20 different types of bread plus miles of dreamy desserts.

Everyone gets bread every 2-3 days - because that is how long bread lasts here without preservatives. There is a square bread that with preservatives that (creepily enough) lasts for weeks called Pain de Mie - it's like the vache qui ris of the bread world, that is to say, everyone loves it because it makes life easier, but it has no taste or nutritional value.

I have tried all the bread at our favorite bakery

baguette tradition
avec le grains de sesame
de la foret noire
aux lardons
au fromage

all that translates to "a freaking lot of bread"

This is my new favorite. It was so good I forgot what it was called.

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