Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My plant killing skills are second to none.

My hit list over the last 3 years was: red&yellow flowers gifted from B's mom, basil, strawberry, basil, bamboo, thym, parsley, ficus, basil. And there are 2 mint plants that keep dying and coming back. I wish basil was the same. The only way I have found to not kill the plants is to leave them on the patio and ignore them (except the basil).

This one was a luncheon gift.
Rule of thumb 602: You must always bring something when you are invited over somewhere. It can be drinks, dessert or (always a safe bet) flowers/plants.

So I apparently ignored this plant so well that it is not dead. AND it is blooming.

Thought: I don't suppose that works with children?
If they are anything like my plants I will put them in a pretty and completely uncomfortable pot and then water them so much they get jaundice.

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