Saturday, February 5, 2011

La piscine

So I dragged b (boyfriend) to the swimming pool about a year ago and now he is hooked. Does this happen to anyone else? You have to push and pull your man to get him to do anything new.
So these are the rules of the pool:

Généralités sur l'hygiène¹
A Paris, à l'exception de la piscine naturiste Roger le Gall dans le XIIème, le port du maillot de bain est obligatoire, et les garçons doivent s'en tenir au slip de bain (caleçons ou bermudas sont interdits). Le bonnet de bain lui aussi, sauf à Pontoise, ornera impérativement toutes les têtes.

In Paris, with the exception of Roger le Gall, the nudist swimming pool, wearing a swimming suit is required, and boys must wear speedos (underwear and bermuda shorts/board shorts are not accepted). All swimmers are also required to wear swimming caps.

I live in Speeeeedo land.

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