Monday, February 21, 2011

Ed or Franck

Creepy huh?

This is Ed

or Franck. I can't decide

I cannot resist things that are 1 euro and last week when b and I went to pick up Sunday newspapers (after la piscine) I found this at the Presse (newspaper stand). Well he didn't have the top of his cranium, nor did he have eyes. Just a skull, jawbone and 32 teeth to plug in. And then I had leftover M&Ms, and really, what better place to put them than in the open skull sitting in your living room.
But this week at the Presse there was the top of his skill and part of a brain with two beady eyes for 3,99. (rant: why must French switch the "," and "." in money? Or if we are going by seniority, why did the Americans?) And even though it was no longer 1 euro, I could not resist.

But now Franck is creepy. So I had to remove the new expensive parts and just leave him with an open crâne filled with M&Ms.

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