Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Cream Professional

From the inside out: chocolate, pistachio, yogurt

I know the good places to get ice cream. Trust me.

Macarons may be very à la mode (by the way if no one told you by now "à la mode"does not mean "with ice cream" like they tell you at church activities - but like it says ice cream is, and will always be, in style).

So this ice cream is probably from my favorite chain. It's called Amorino. And oh how I love pretty and edible things. You can choose up to 4 flavors for your "flower" and this is just the small.

Then there is Grom - soft serve but SO full of flavor. Like so much full of flavor that you should only get the small and even then you have to REALLY like the flavor. They are chic and snobby. And apparently buy the places where their ingredients are made in order to guarantee the flavor...including the lemon grove of the owner's mother. But, the lemon is to die for.

And the winner is this tiny little place at metro République where they don't even speak French. My friend, who is not an ice cream professional, tried to tell me that the best ice cream was in the neighborhood of her work. I did not want to believe her. But I cannot contest after having tasted. It is an Italian woman and her daughter and not only was it delectable the first time I went, but I went back less than a week later and saw the daily delivery of fresh fruits for the making of all the different flavors. If it wasn't 30 minutes from my place, I would go there everyday. Everyday.

If you come and visit me, I'll take you there.

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