Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friendship in 30 words

What do you want in a new friend?

I want someone I can laugh with, do crazy things. Someone who is stylish with a meticulous and practical eye for clothing and accessories to help me in not looking like I stepped out of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Someone who likes to workout. Oh yea and someone who is gourmande, which translates to one of the 7 deadly sins of gluttony, even when they say it, the french look at you with a glint in their eye as if they were saying "oh you wicked little devil"

So, I found some ads for FRIENDSHIP in the english speaking journal of Paris.

Actually, I do this a lot. It is my comic relief. It reminds me how different all of our "ads" might be when looking for a new friend. And also because it is pure comedy.

Parisian German professor seeks
charming friend who likes music
and poetry for a nice love story.


Gentleman seeking a good
honest lady to share the
dance of life. You could be
the one :)

but the real coup d'├ętat is this one:

Hello beautiful black lady with
long legs, your french doctor
is waiting for you in Paris.

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