Friday, November 12, 2010

Who got sold?!

So marketing has the ability to create desire, make habits. It can make you crave a cinnamon rolls after watching someone eat a gooey, sweet, cinnomany mess of bread on a commercial. It can create an unrealistic need based on skewed data or statistics. We all thought H1N1 was going to go crazy, right? And then it never did. And we all think that when you get in the shower, you wash your body with soap and your hair with shampoo and conditioner, right? Except maybe not.
My boyfriend does not use conditioner. (Because he is a guy, right? Guys don't use conditioner, maybe?)
And at the store I can only find 2 conditioners for ever brand. (Imagine 10 Pantene shampoos and 1 or 2 Pantene conditioners)
I go to the beauty supply store (to use a credit I had) and I try to buy nice, salon quality shampoo and conditioner. Ok for shampoo, but no regular, daily-use conditioners. They have hair masks and hair treatments, but no "after shampoo". The owner asks me if I have particularly dry hair. I start making excuses for why my hair doesn’t look like I spent more than 2 minutes fixing it. Finally, he finds something that seems like what I want.
But it's not. When I get home and try it, it leaves my hair humid and kind of sticky tacky. This stuff is not conditioner. It's a "seriously damaged hair" mask.
Conclusion: I don’t think French people use conditioner

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