Monday, November 8, 2010

Hot & Cold

French winters, like Belgian winters, are gray and drizzly. There is this humidity that permeates everything. I didn't realize how dry and temperate inland US is (Utah, Minnesota, Iowa). The land of 10,000 lakes doesn't sound like a potentially dry place, but in comparison to France, it really is.
So this humidity permeates the old stone walls of apartment buildings. Boyfriend came home last night and said "It's hot in here". I did have the heater up to seven (settings: 1-8 and no I don't know how that translates into thermostat language). But it's the kind of heat that is just in the air. Like if you had a pot full of 100 degree steam, but the pot itself was cold.

Now I understand why tapestries exist.

Does anyone have any left over shag 70's carpet that I can attach to the walls?

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