Tuesday, November 9, 2010

She won't give you the real answer unless you point out how ludicrous her response was.

So I read several blogs. I don't know why, but they all happen to be people who currently live in Utah or have lived in Utah a significant amount of time. I can't tell if this is just coincidence or me feeding the Utah in my bones.

Yesterday, one of my favorite speed, OCD, crazy blog writing Utah immigrants posted about watching a House Hunters episode about a family moving to France from the midwest. And how, when the family remarked on the lack of child-protection devices on 2nd story windows, the realtor said that they should tell their 2 year old to "not to jump out the window".

This struck me for two reasons:

How ludicrous the idea of just telling a 2 year old not to do something like "jump out a window" and expecting that child not do it, is.


How unsurprising this comment is.

This would not have come out of every French person's mouth. And yes, there is a law regulating and REQUIRING protection of windows that infants and young children could try to climb through or fall out of. She has given the answer that will make the client shut up the fastest.

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